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Listings of Different Types of Bank Accounts

Checking Accounts

Customer writing check on different types of checking accountsLearn of the different checking accounts including business, joint, online, student and more that banks open for their customers. There are several different accounts, including Online checking accounts, business checking accounts, student checking accounts and more. Some checking accounts earn interest. Simply said, these are bank account that allows easy access to the funds. This type of account is operated by businesses to pay bills and make most of their financial transactions.

If a person has a checking account then he can access it by using a debit card, setting up an automatic transfer or writing a check. These transactions show as debit in the account. When any deposits are made into the account then they are classified as credit. Initially, when someone opens an account then he has to keep a running balance for tracking the amount in his account. The aim of keeping a running balance is to ensure that the account owner does not overdraw. Some accounts require a minimum balance.

It is important to balance accounts each month as it will help to catch any error that the bank or the account holder has made. At times, people get worried about deposited cash not being displayed in the total account balance. One should be aware of the bank’s policy of making deposits available in the account.

Credit Cards

Man checking transactions on different types of credit cardsLearn of the different types of credit cards used today by shoppers all over the world and of their pros and cons of using them. Credit cards available to banking customers today include Student credit cards, secured credit cards. There are also those for businessprepaid credit, online credit, unsecured virtual credit card and more.



Team discussing different types of loansLearn of the different types of loans banks offer to customers today including commercial, student, debt consolidation, payday and more. Some of the many types of loans include Unsecured loans, debt consolidation loans, small business loans, quick cash loans, online loans, guarantor loans and secured loans. There are also payday loans, installment loans, student loans, home equity loan, home improvement loans, bridging loans, and more. It’s ok if you have bad credit – you can still get approved for a loan no matter what your credit score is! Get a bad credit loan at https://www.nextdayfinancial.com A personal loan online is one of the easiest ways to get the cash you need, regardless of your credit history. Interest rates deffer based on the type loan and the risk involved.


Team looking at the results of different types of mortgagesLearn of the different types of mortgages that banks offer to their customers today including buy to let, commercial, refinance and more. A mortgage loan is a legal agreement by which a society or a bank lends money to people who are ready to purchase a new property, but do not have enough cash for a substantial upfront payment. To better understand what is a mortgage, it is important to know some facts. Most mortgage loans last anywhere from 20 to 30 years, so this legal agreement is made of several parts. These include collateral (usually your home), interest, principal (down payment), insurance and additional taxes.

These include home mortgage, subprime mortgage, refinance mortgage and buy to let mortgage. There are also commercial mortgage, second mortgage, fixed rate mortgage, and more. The mortgage will continue to be a very important factor in our society, enabling people to enjoy the life they want and buy the house they can’t afford at the moment.

Savings Accounts

Man checking the balances of different types of savings accountsLearn of the different types of accounts including child, health, regular, retirement, and more, and how they work. There are many types of accounts. These include Regular savings accounts, high yield savings, joint savings account and child savings account. There are also health savings account, retirement savings, student savings account, and more. Some persons however prefer a certificate of deposit or other bank account that will pay a higher interest rate. The interest rate is normally applied to the average or minimum balance in a period.

Banking Services

Internet Banking

Internet banking definitionLearn the internet banking definition and of the various features and security issues forming part of this online service. This will allow you to transact business on any type of bank account including checking and savings.

Money Market Account

Money market account definitionLearn what are money market accounts and how they work to produce the desired results for the bank and its customers. A number of financial institutions open money market accounts for their customers. Money market accounts can receive higher interest than checking.

Mutual Fund

People discuss the mutual funds definitionLearn the definition and the objectives and functions of this popular financial instrument.

Wealth Management

Wealth management definitionLearn the wealth management definition and of its strategies, client directed investment solutions and trust services.

Different Types of Banking Services

Different Banking ServicesLearn about the different banking services that customers enjoy today including certificate of deposit, debit cards, wire transfer and more. Banks also offer international bank draft, bank guarantee, trade finance, letter of credit and more products.


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