Virtual Credit Card Service and How it Works

Learn about the virtual credit card service and how it works for the customer as compared to the plastic cards issued by banks today.

The virtual credit card service

A virtual credit card is an add-on visa credit card which is normally issued on one’s primary credit card and it does not have any physical or plastic existence. It is not the same as business credit cards for instance. In this case, all the details of otherwise your card, are visible online.

How Does the Virtual Card Service Work

In order to get a credit card of this type, one needs to login to an online account, see the option to create a virtual credit card. This is done by providing the specific amount you want to use and prompt a request submission. After submission, the client will get the virtual credit card containing the following details; card number, validity details and the CVV number. This credit card can be used for barely any amount of money as per the bearer’s choice.

Different from the Plastic Card

Using a virtual credit card is no different from using the plastic credit card only that the virtual credit card has an expiry period of twenty four to forty eight hours but it depends on the bank and the agreement with the bearer. This mans that the card needs to be used immediately within the said time after applying for it lest it will expire and render itself useless. When online transactions are made, all these details are needed and they are found on a virtual credit card.

Account protected from online fraudsters

Using a virtual credit card is an assurance that the account will be safe from online fraudsters and hackers since it is something that will expire within a short time hence, there will not be enough time for a fraud to take place. But what happens for any underutilized or unused amounts on virtual credit card? Well if a virtual credit card is taken for a specific limit and used for a lesser amount, the underutilized amount would immediately be available once the transaction is done or the card has expired. Using virtual credit card is a safe way of shopping and protecting your account from online fraudsters and thieves.

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