Different Types of Bank Accounts

Learn of the different types of bank accounts and services including loans, savings, checking and more at online banking consultant.

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Listings of Different Bank Accounts:

Checking Accounts

There are several different accounts, including Online checking account, business checking account, student checking account and more. Banks apply an interest rate to some of these accounts.

Credit Cards

Credit cards available to banking customers today include Student credit cards, secured credit cards, no credit credit cards and credit cards for fair credit. There are also those for business, bad credit, prepaid credit, online credit, unsecured, poor credit, virtual credit card and more.


Some of the many types of loans include Unsecured loans, debt consolidation loans, small business loans, quick cash loans, online loans, guarantor loans and secured loans. There are also payday loans, installment loans, student loans, home equity loan, home improvement loans, bridging loans, and more.


These include Home mortgage, subprime mortgage, refinance mortgage. and buy to let mortgage. Check out also commercial mortgage, second mortgage, fixed rate mortgage, and more.

Savings Accounts

There are many types of savings accounts. These include Regular savings accounts, high yield savings, joint savings account and child savings account. There are also health savings account, retirement savings, student savings account, and more. Some persons however prefer a certificate of deposit or other bank account that will pay a higher interest rates.

Other Banking Services

Banks also offer Debit cards, international bank draft, International wire transferbank guarantee, trade finance and more.

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